ExactBuyer Docs


ExactBuyer API's allow you to build powerful audience workflows to power every part of your business.

Getting your API Key

Your ExactBuyer API Key provides you with unified access to all of our endpoints. To get your API Key please sign up for an account and visit the API portal.
If you are having any issues with obtaining or using your API Key, please reach out to us at [email protected].
Please note that your API key is what identifies you and grants you access to the ExactBuyer API. Do not reveal or give this key away to anyone else.
Audience Discovery
Lead Enrichment
CRM Enrichment
Identity Resolution
Audience discovery is messy, and we're here to simplify it! Build customer audiences using our Audience Builder. Want beta access to our audience building Prospector API? Book a demo with us today.
Q: What's better than a sign up? A: An enriched sign up! Use our Contact Enrichment endpoint to get additional information on every lead that signs up for your App or Newsletter.
Over 30% of the contacts in your CRM will go stale each quarter. Ensure all of the details in your CRM are correct by using our Bulk Enrichment endpoint.
Identity resolution requires significant expertise in creating linkages between data sources. Through our data partnerships ExactBuyer powers a sophisticated real-time Enrichment API for Enterprises who depend on exceptional data quality.