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Bulk Enrichment

The Bulk enrichment API lets you look up multiple people at once. You can enrich up to 1000 profiles in a single API call.
At the moment, the real-time & waterfall options are only available in the single contact Enrichment API
To get more detail about the API parameters, response types and sample calls, click the arrow to the right on the card below.
Bulk Enrich Contacts
API Response
Request Format

Credit Deduction:

The credits deducted will be equal to the amount of records that the bulk enrichment API was successfully able to enrich. This means that if the API was able to find data for the required_fields that were sent as parameters then it will deduct one credit per enrichment.
It does not matter if the contact was previously enriched in the past 30 days through another API, if enrichment is successful for this contact in the bulk enrichment then a credit will be deducted against it.


import requests
import json
url = "https://api.exactbuyer.com/v1/bulk-enrich"
required_fields = json.dumps([
"field_type": "social_profile"
query_list = json.dumps([{
"value": "linkedin.com/in/edankrolewicz",
"field_type": "social_profile"
payload = {
'required_fields': required_fields,
'query_list': query_list
headers = {
response = requests.request("POST", url, headers=headers, data=payload)
curl --location --request POST 'https://api.exactbuyer.com/v1/bulk-enrich' \
--header 'X-API-Key: YOUR_API_KEY' \
--form 'required_fields="[
\"field_type\": \"social_profile\"
]"' \
--form 'query_list="{
\"value\": \"linkedin.com/in/edankrolewicz\",
\"field_type\": \"social_profile\"
const myHeaders = new Headers();
myHeaders.append("X-API-Key", "YOUR_API_KEY");
const formdata = new FormData();
const required_fields = JSON.stringify([
"field_type": "social_profile"
const query_list = JSON.stringify([{
"value": "linkedin.com/in/edankrolewicz",
"field_type": "social_profile"
formdata.append("required_fields", required_fields);
formdata.append("query_list", query_list);
const requestOptions = {
method: 'POST',
headers: myHeaders,
body: formdata,
redirect: 'follow'
fetch("https://api.exactbuyer.com/v1/bulk-enrich", requestOptions)
.then(response => response.text())
.then(result => console.log(result))
.catch(error => console.log('error', error));